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The CARLSON Vikings are the leaders in window cleaning (1,157,959 windows cleaned since 2014) and gutter cleaning (761,217 linear ft cleaned since 2014), as well as, power washing (3,368,962 sq ft cleaned since 2014).


Window Cleaning

For COMMERCIAL clients, we provide weekly, bi-weekly, and every 4th week route window cleaning. Our route services are for clients who wish to maintain the best look for their customers at the lowest possible price. The Vikings also provide quarterly, bi-yearly, and yearly window cleaning for our clients who wish to maintain an overall clean look for their employees and customers.

For RESIDENTIAL clients, we provide monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, and yearly window cleaning for their home. 

Gutter Cleaning

The Vikings check all gutters and downspouts, remove debris, and flush downspouts in necessary. Our quote gives you the choice of blowing out the gutters or hand removing debris, bagging, and removing from the site. 

Power Washing

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LOWEST Price Guarantee

The Carlson Vikings will match any of our reputable competitors quoted price for the same service, plus the Vikings will provide a 5% discount! 

95 Years of Experience

The Harry F Carlson Company has been in business since 1924. Over the past 95 years, the Vikings have won a multitude of awards while gathering clients that have remained over 23 years.


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